Our team`s key objectives range from but are not limited to helping clients. Optimize savings, improve services, increase control, and enrich attendee experiences and reach.

Our services range from, but are not limited to:
• Pre-planning and approval
• Supplier sourcing and contract management Attendee management
• Transportation
• Accommodations
• On-site operations

We handle conferences of all sizes, ranging from a small group of 10 to thousands of participants locally, regionally and internationally.

We handle all types of events, including
• Product launches
• Congresses
• Gala dinner
• End year Parties & many more

We understand that event planning is inherently more complicated than
standard business meetings, often involving a variety of critical personnel at your company who may not interact directly with travel procurement teams. We will help you engage and motivate event attendees like never before by delivering events that impress and captivate them in a whole new way.